Transaction tracking

Keep an eye on all sales and expenses in your business based on day, month and year.

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Insight on financial management

It becomes super easy to know the profitability of your business anytime. Great entrepreneurs do data driven management. Using your data, you know what your customers love about your business.

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Financial and business education

The best way to improve your business is to learn the best practices. This set of courses allows you to surpass your ability to do business and expand yours easly and quickly.

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Why do business owners love us ?

Business growth

Stay focus on your business, Damansah takes care of the growth.

Financial education

Study finance and business easily at your free time without moving out of shop.

Data driven management

Take decisions and improve your business based on your consumers activities.

Low literate content

Learn and manage your business smoothly without university studies.

Financial inclusion

The daily use of Damansah allows you to freely access the services of financial institutions.

Online support

We're always together, call us, tell us we will be happy to help you.

Credit History

Any transactions are recorded forever. If your phone is lost, recover your data with only your phone number.

Offline cloud storage

Work without worries of internet connection. Your data is saved in the cloud automatically at each internet connection.

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