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Stop struggling to keep up with where that money went or came from. Effortlessly track each and every one of your transactions, be it your cash,credit or mobile money transactions.

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Why Do Entrepreneurs Love Us?

Business Growth

We take the hassle of crunching your business numbers to provide you with relevant insights to allow you to focus on winning more customers.

Data Driven Management

Allow you to take decisions and improve your business based on your consumers activities.

Low Literate Content

You get to manage your business smoothly without constraints of understanding complex business concepts.

Financial Inclusion

We help you get your business in order so you can take advantage of financial services

Offline Access

Work without worries of internet connection. Your data is saved in the cloud automatically at each internet connection.

Transactions History

All transactions are recorded forever. If your phone is lost, recover your data with only your phone number.

Partners & Affiliates

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Over 1,000 entrepreneurs use Damansah Smartshop mobile application
to accelerate their business growth.

I like the team aspect of Damansah, because when I am not around I still know what happened in the shop because my apprentices can also record transactions that occured.

Joseph, Multi Chill Services

I like the fact that App helps me determine on daily basis whether I lost or I gained from my business And I like the Team checking up on me regularly to help when necessary.

Tyron Arthur, Makest Entreprise

I like Damansah because it makes me keep track of my day to day transactions.

Abigail Boison, Style Magbrien

Damansah is helping me keep track of my sales and expenses.

Elvis Ackom, Mel's Bottles

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