About Damansah

In Africa, the SMEs is the dominant sector and accounts for almost 90% of all the enterprises in rural and urban areas. SMEs are a major employment avenue to people and stimulate the development of the countries by promoting entrepreneurial and business skills amongst communities. However the SMEs owners lack financial management skills and that problem has many effects on the growth of their businesses.

Therefore, we created Damansah to solve that problem. Damansah is a platform that allows African micro-business owners to easily manage their financial activities and improve their financial literacy.

With the Damansah application, we empower African micro business owners to track their transactions, know their business profitability and improve their financial management and business skills. The purpose of our solution is to lead them to financial inclusion where they can take advantage of financial services.

Our Vision

Build the most powerful and largest bridge leading to financial inclusion.

Damansah and the Sustainable Development Goals

Thanks to our financial management platform, we allow micro-businesses to increase their revenues and fight directly against poverty.

With its tailored educational content, Damansah aims at upgrading the skills of the most
low literate entrepreneurs.

By offering Damansah to all, we participate to the empowerment and education of women so they can become successful entrepreneurs
like men.

The use of Damansah accelerates business growth. This allows entrepreneurs to increase the number of employees and contribute to the growth of the national economy.

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